The Practice

“How do I create and manifest my best life?” “How do I clear the obstacles standing in the way of achieving my goals?” “How do I break free of toxic cycles?” “How do I call in my ideal partner?”

These are just a few of the questions people ask me when we begin our work together.

You can achieve your goals and live your best life through clarity, practice and your beliefs. In challenging experiences it is essential to pause and breathe in order to fine-tune, clear and integrate the spectrum of your experience.

Breathwork (pranayama) and energy healing sessions utilize ancient techniques in a gentle and kind manner. This practice is very powerful without the use of force or strain. Breath sessions allow you to explore vulnerability and intimacy where your internal wisdom is the guide. We can clear obstructions and unnecessary attachments with ease and grace clearing the pathway for you to manifest that which you seek .

Relax and feel your connection to creativity, wellness and Spirit blossom.

I offer private sessions in person and via Zoom or Skype.