Photo credit: M. Smalley

Tamar Olivia

My first experience of my gifts was predicting my mother’s near-fatal car accident at age 4, which left me confused and afraid of my intuition. As the daughter of addicts and an absent father I made a conscious choice at a very young age that I would do more than just survive ~ I opted to thrive and create an amazing life.

In spite of the pain of childhood I have achieved financial success with top-level positions in the corporate world and I am a loving mother of three.  My on-going healing journey led to Eastern Philosophical practices and to become certified in the art of Pranayama. I have facilitated over 1,000 individuals in breath sessions and I am currently a top facilitator of The Breath Center.

My work is focused on being a bridge builder between the realms of Spirit and Earthly endeavors. My goal is to help as many people as I can to navigate their own transformational process and reach the goals they set forth.

Life is about lessons and growth.  I have learned that every experience I have had has been a stepping stone to the next phase.  Recently I have embarked on some pretty amazing journeys and stepped way out of my comfort zone and pushed the edges to see how strong I truly am and reach the next level of growth.

My purpose is to live every day as my best self and to model that for my sweet children who look to me for guidance and security.  They are my number one priority and what matters most.  All of my growth and learning is so I can teach them to love themselves and others so thoroughly that there is never a question as to their worth and their ability to manifest their best life.

I will never stop seeking growth.  Never stop striving to be my best.  I am as open as I have ever been to the possibilities and amazement this lifetime has in store for me.  I am blessed each and every day and I am living in the present for the first time ever.  It feels amazing and I want more.