Full Moon Fallout

I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a newsletter for the last week and found myself lost and confused and downright pissed off that I don’t know what I’m doing.  I need an assistant is what I’ve come to. 😉

I’ve been wracking my brain.  Creating templates on a site I can’t figure out how to navigate and the reality is that I don’t currently have any content so it doesn’t really matter if I “master” the template.  And I find myself in a panic.  How many of you know that I have perfectionism tendencies? Don’t answer that. 😉

If I can’t do it right or don’t have enough training or might not give you something of value I want to opt out.  Forget it…until I learn more…perfect my craft…know what I’m talking about.  It’s a direct contradiction to my free spirit, creative, intuitive-self, which leaves me in a state of push-pull sometimes.  I want to step in but I want to do it right and am left paralyzed and seeking more education to get me ready to get ready to finally step into my gifts. It’s exhausting to those who love me, I am sure.

In my crazy frenzy of overthinking I decided to do some research about this full moon in an attempt to have some content to add and lo and behold it answered the questions about my fallout.  This is a powerful moon!  The full moon in Sagittarius is pulling me to GO!, create, recognize my full potential, to step into my power and explore and see the bigger picture…yet it is exactly opposite the Sun, which happens to be in Gemini.  Guess what Gemini wants: Gemini wants the logistics, details and priorities.  So, the moon wants to go on a big, magical adventure and the Sun wants the details and to make a plan.  And to top it all off Jupiter is squared to Neptune, which creates a tension around what you want and how to get it. Is it any wonder I am feeling so ungrounded???

Not to mention my human design Profile is 1/3, which is the Investigator/Martyr profile.  This means that I am designed to research and know what I am speaking on before I open my mouth.  It also means that I learn by trial and error and that I must experience something to fully accept and understand it.

What does this all mean?  Well, for me it gives me permission to exhale and an understanding of why I have been struggling so hard.  Knowing my human design and how the Moon, Sun and Planets affect me is comforting and I realize there is no cause for alarm or dis-ease.  I will continue putting one foot in front of the other and trusting my inner knowing to lead me in the right direction.  Allowing my creative self to be present and giving thanks to my investigator for pushing me to keep learning and being curious.  I find my inner calm and now I can sleep.  A much needed rest from the stress I found myself in.

Sending love and restful sleep to you in this powerful moon energy.  Go on your adventure ~ I hope to meet up with you there!! 💖💖💖

For more information on the full moon:

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